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Joey Chapple, Fitness Instructor

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Joey Chapple

Joey was born and raised in Mountain View, California. Being active has always been part of her life. Activities such as piano, ballet, playing with her dog, and cruising the neighborhood on her Schwinn (yes, it had a banana seat and a basket). During high school, she played organized sports. Although it was more from a social aspect, to hang out with her friends, then as a competitive athlete. Fast forward, Joey landed in Napa to continue her job as a Marine Mammal Trainer, met her husband Patrick, and had 2 boys. Then after working as an animal trainer for 20 years, Joey went back to school and received her teaching credential. She has been an elementary school teacher since 2006.

As for Joey’s adult fitness journey, it is a progression. It started out as a weekend warrior with inconsistent workouts and poor eating choices. Then she became more focused and started planning on a couple different events a year to train and participate in. As Joey became more involved in the fitness community she liked what she saw. She was meeting like-minded people that encouraged and supported each other. This sparked her passion for health and fitness as a lifestyle, not just a fad.

With this new mind set she continued to gain knowledge and experience in health and fitness. Which is an ongoing learning process. Along the way, she joined Fitness Revolution as a member. It was Jeff’s philosophy and passion, as well as the coaches, for helping others achieve their fitness goals that really resonated with her. Joey wanted to be a part of that and eventually entered the internship program and is now part of the FR coaching family.

  • A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer (August 2017)

-Joey regularly coaches our Napa 5:30am sessions

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