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How Can We Help With Your Fitness Journey?

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How Can We Help With Your Fitness Journey?

I hope you had a great weekend!  I wanted to let you know that we are re-opening the gym today and I know many people are hesitant to return to a gym setting so I wanted to share a little more about it and also a few other ways that we can help you with your health and fitness depending on what you need  right now.

Coming back into our gym means there will be 9 or less participants in our 5,600 square foot building, each person has their own individual workout 'pod' and everything is disinfected in between every session and you never have to share equipment.  All pods are at least 6 feet but more like 10 feet away from each other so you can workout, without a mask. We also offer a virtual option at 7am on MWF that you can do from the comfort of your own home and we record it in case you miss that day for some reason!

Here is a look at the schedule starting next week, you can reserve your sessions in the Zen Planner app.  If you would like to re-activate your membership, just reply to this email and I will help you do that!  If you are new to Fitness Revolution and would like to give it a try before committing, we have a 2 week trial for $49!

We know that coming back to group training might not be for everyone, so I wanted to remind you of a few other ways that we can help you based on where you are at in your journey right now....

Therapeutic Body Work

* 60 minute or 90 minute Therapeutic Massage session. It could be one or a combination of the following modalities:

* Swedish - a flowing, relaxing, massage done with lotion, decrease pain, improve mobility, decrease stress

* Deep tissue - Deep slow work, used to address chronically tight muscles, decrease pain, improve posture

* Zen Shiatsu - This is a fully clothed option, Shiatsu means finger pressure, This is full body session, which will leave you feeling relaxed with reduced stress, and a rejuvenated feeling

* Combo - Swedish would be the base, adding in other modalities as needed we will come up with a plan together to see what will be most beneficial for you

You can schedule an appointment here: 60 Minute Reservation    90 Minute Reservation 

Personal Training (One on One or Semi-Private)

If any of these describe you:
✔️age, injury or pre-existing condition have created limitations that you constantly have to train around or prevent you from training all together
✔️you are training for a specific event, (marathon, triathlon, etc)
✔️you have a very specific goal like - running faster, improving your golf game, getting better at tennis, learning kettlebells, lifting heavier weight, losing weight, improving heart rate, etc
✔️you want to see just exactly what your body can do with individualized programming and coaching
✔️your personality jives better with a smaller group or one one one and more attention in coaching

If you say yes, to any of the above, then you will be a perfect fit in our Longevity Semi Private program ......You can set up a free assessment and learn more by either clicking reply to this email or making an appointment here:  Free Assessment

Body Composition Analysis and Consultation

A simple 90-second, non-invasive measurement can tell you what your body weight consists of, body fat, muscle mass, water, etc.

Our InBody machine is the perfect way to get a snapshot of your body composition and set some goals that your can work towards with fitness and nutrition.

If you are a current member, this service is included, you just need to set a time.  If you are not a member, we offer this 30-minute consultation for only $25  

You can set a time here: InBody Measurement & Consultation

I hope you are doing well, and taking good care of yourself during these crazy times.  If we can be a part of that in any way, I encourage you to reach out to me to see how we can help you move a little closer to your goals of moving better and feeling better!

Have an amazing weekend!

TIffany Larson
707-452-3131 (Text or Call)

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