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Napa's Top Rated Fitness Classes and Personal Training Program

Serving the Napa Community for Over 14 Years

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Napa's Top Rated Fitness Classes and Personal Training Program


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Kim Oshiro

Jeff is a phenomenal coach who is patient and enthusiastic. The coaches are all trained to provide alternative movements for people with injuries or difficulties. The attention to correct form and a w...

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Lisa M. Borup

Great trainer in Jeff! Super knowledgeable and helpful to transitioning from exertec to new place....

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NT Cheranich

Great help from the trainers during classes. Feel like the whole body is stronger afterwards....

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Emilie Myatt

I love this gym! Jeff and Tiffany are so helpful and supportive and the other members are always so positive and keep you motivated. This is one of the best decisions I have made!...

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Michael Burkett

This Gym is personal, like family, in its approach to total fitness. I highly recommend Fit Rev....

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Gayle Kelso Young

Great way to start the day! Great gym and great people!...

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Fitness Classes near Napa

Fitness Classes

WIth our Fitness Classes, you'll get strength and conditioning training with a blend of different exercises. From day one, we'll challenge your body and build total-body athleticism, helping you achieve incredible results faster than you've ever imagined. Whether you're a beginner or a lifelong athlete, join us for Napa's best training.

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Fitness Classes near Napa

Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness Training is all about helping you find success with a customized approach while also surrounding you with a great group of friends and supporters. This program is perfect for groups of 2-6.

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Fitness Classes near Napa

Personal Training

Tired of struggling to get results? Hoping to add flexibility to your training schedule? Do you have personal limitations? That's fine! Our personal training program at Fitness Revolution Napa will connect you with a training regimen that's designed just for you, so that you can achieve your goals faster than ever before.

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Fitness Classes near Napa

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy will help you find an escape from your daily pains. At Fitness Revolution Napa, we'll give you a well-deserved break from your troubles. Join us in Napa and get an amazing massage experience!

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Join the Fitness Revolution Family

At Fitness Revolution Napa, you are not just another client with a number, you are a part of our fitness family and we will work hard on your behalf to make sure your Journey to long-term health and wellness is a success. We are a fitness club with trainers who care about you. Everyone in Napa is unique -- that's why we take you through individual assessments focused on the body, but also incorporate mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, and a wealth of other factors into our specialized training plan... so that you can get real results. 

Our specialty group training methods will help you lose weight, gain strength, and become the best possible version of yourself. Get an efficient workout, focused on fat loss and conditioning and torching calories, and get the best workout possible in an environment where you'll be safe and supported.

From serious athletics to simply being able to enjoy running around the yard with your children, we're here to help. Join the Fitness Revolution Family and discover a fitness solution that will deliver real results, connect you with an incredible community, and give you the motivation and accountability you need to find lasting success.

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Learn About the Services Fitness Revolution Napa Offer

  • Cardiovascular & Heart Health

    Cardiovascular & Heart Health

    Training at Fitness Revolution Napa will promote a healthy heart, a stronger body, and better endurance. Whether you choose to work out one-on-one with a personal trainer or take on our group training classes, you'll revolutionize your fitness and your life.

  • Resistance & Strength Training

    Resistance & Strength Training

    Everyone trains differently, but at Fitness Revolution Napa, we use proven methods for strengthening your mind, body, and spirit. Get real results and feel better in everyday life when you join our squad and start training!

  • Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

    Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

    People sometimes think of strength training as a way to get hurt, but in reality, training intelligently actually reduces your risk of injury and keeps your body primed, fit, and ready to go!

  • Nutrition & Weight Management

    Nutrition & Weight Management

    There are a million different fad diets out there, but when it comes to getting real results, it's a lot more straightforward than you might think. Our team at Fitness Revolution Napa will help you get the fuel your body needs to produce real results.

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